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Lionblaze by Fuzzecka

It looks very nice, I like how the colours fit and it's really good for a beginner (I'm also not a pro, not even really good I'm just a beginner who wants to help you.)

I think you should try to draw with thinner lines or draw on a bigger image like 2480 x 3508 px that make the lines look thinner.

Also you should try to color inside the lineart, so that it's clean and no fur-color on the background.

The next point are the eyes. Try to give them more depth by drawing (maybe with the airbrush-tool on 50% ) some dark yellow shades on the upper side of the eye and some ( airbrush 85%) light yellow on the bottom of the eyes instead of white highlights.

Of cause you can place a white reflection on the eye (hard brush). and maybe try to shade more soft. Look at some tutorials or photos maybe they help you improve ^-^

I hope the critique will help you and I'd appreciate it if you'd write me a critique too.

- Chisai
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Fuzzecka Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks! This really helps, I should try the eye lighting tips. That would help quite a bit. Could you link me something I could critique? :3
StrawberryYashi Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
choose one you can critique best ^-^
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